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Kier de Dios is a Filipino nurse & freelance artist creating graphic, UX, and WordPress designs.

Kier de Dios worked as a healthcare professional for nine years. Now, he ventures into creating digital experiences by creating branding designs, graphic illustrations and WordPress websites. He is currently studying UX design at the Dublin Institute of Design. He is also a contributing artist for a Dublin-based web design company.

Graphic and branding designs

Kier de Dios prides himself for creating brand designs and logos for events, organizations, and companies. His process involves drawing design ideas on paper. And then, he creates them digitally using Photoshop and Illustrator.

The designs presented are some of his best works. His playful personality shines through his choice of patterns, colors, and textures making the entire design, not only visually appealing, but stirring and memorable.

Telling stories through illustration & animation

Telling stories through illustration & animation

Kier believes that graphic illustrations tell powerful stories. Through continuous practice, he has developed a distinct illustration style which involves creating subtle gradients, lights, and shadows through stippling. Then, he breathes life to his artworks by adding simple animation through AfterEffects. All of the animated images on this site are part of his collection, alongside the animated works he created for some of the websites he developed.

UX Design and Case Studies

Ever since he started studying and doing freelance work, Kier has discovered the potentials of HTML, CSS, and WordPress development. He has experimented on how to marry his fun and bold design aesthetic, to the power of WordPress in doing his personal projects and client work. The projects presented are some of his best college UX design work, personal projects, and WordPress-developed client projects.


Beat Corona is a non-profit organization dedicated to informing the public about the  COVID-19. The organization was created by Dr. Ellis Cheever and the website was an initiative to engage the Irish public.

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The creative and technical process behind the creation of – from paper to your fingertips. Designed using WordPress and Theme Nectar’s Salient theme.

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BitWarped is a small digital design firm that has dabbled in the stock web template field for several years. They have built a solid base of users and clients who have used their services. They are eager to expand on their digital and design offerings.

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WordPress Designs

Kier currently works as a contributing freelance artist for Dublin-based web developer and business strategist Gary Melican ( Using WordPress and the Salient theme by Theme Nectar, the following websites are some of his best works.

Northstar Accounting is an accounting firm based in UK. Design deliverables for this project include site page layout, icons and email/contact functionality.

Talk2MeMore helps parents to provide the learning needs of children with voice and speech difficulties. Kier was in charge of creating the logo, layout, email/contact functionality using the Material design principles.

Kids Speech Labs is a Dublin-based speech pathology center. Kier was in charge of creating the logo design, layout, lottie animations, and email/contact functionality.

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Let me know if you have a WordPress or graphic design ideas and let’s build them together. Your vision and imagination are what matters, no matter how wild they are! I am here to help.

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