Kier de Dios is a Filipino nurse & freelance artist creating graphic, UX, and WordPress designs.

Since I was young, I have always loved painting, sketching, and drawing. I have always seen myself as an artist. My dreams was to pursue a career in design. However, I had to set this dream aside when I stepped into the nursing school. For nine years, I have been working as a healthcare provider, but as much as I love the job, I need to take a chance and relive the dream I once lost.

I have been making art projects for friends, family, and acquaintances for quite some time now. With no formal art training, I pushed myself to learn through self-help guides. I find comfort in using watercolor for my paintings, and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and AfterEffects for my digital designs and audiovisual projects. I have explored my art potentials through different art medium, but I fell in love particularly with creating digital art and designing websites. I am currently studying UX design at the Dublin Institute of Design. I am also a contributing artist for a Dublin-based web design company.

Have a graphic design idea in mind?

Let me know if you have a WordPress or graphic design ideas and let’s build them together. Your vision and imagination are what matters, no matter how wild they are! I am here to help.

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